Handcrafted Ceramics by Hasu Designs

Hasu Designs makes handcrafted ceramics and pottery products from the finest clays and porcelains available. Our chief ceramicist, Joshua Nishimura, prides himself in always exploring new glazing and throwing techniques. From custom glazes to unique clays, Hasu’s products bring art and expression to everyday tasks.

Products are one of a kind.

Hasu Design’s products are sourced, sculpted, thrown, glazed, and fired in California, USA.

Hasu Ceramics Photo Book


Hasu Book


Check out our book with a series of photos from our most notable pieces.
Hasu: Ceramics by Joshua Nishimura (vol. 1)

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Design Shapes the World Around Us

Ceramics is the oldest known industry in human history.  From every ancient civilization, we find remains, ruins, and ceramics.

Hasu Designs sources the best clays and glazes.  Most come from local sources in Southern California.

The inspiration for ceramic designs is all around us.  From plates, mugs, cups to vases and pots, we are surrounded by ceramics.  We find inspiration in the process, the material and, most importantly, the natural world.  That is why we call ourselves “hasu”.  Hasu in Japanese means lotus, as in the lotus flower which grows out of the mud to become something beautiful.  Hasu Designs makes pieces that are one of a kind: unique shapes, different glazes and special firing sequences.


Clay has shaped the world around us and will continue to mold our future.


Silver Glaze Pot Colbolt